What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the set of tools that are orchestrated to make a video an advertising act, as a way to capture an audience interested in your niche, or an end in itself, as a digital product.

The most common is to act as an attraction for those interested in your product, so we must share, as always, quality content. And you also know, based on that fact, the more, the better.

Why video marketing is useful for your business

The trend, since we left the industrial age and entered the information age, is clear: everything will be much more multimedia. Sites like Instagram or others, of only videos, will be the future. So we must react in time and start creating audiovisual assets as soon as possible. People are much more entertained with a video than with a single image. Let’s not say with a paragraph that costs to read. We must always give our client what he asks, even if he does not even know what he is asking for.

Preproduction of the video

Growth strategies

  • Content: the more you take care of your content, the better this content will be and the more subscribers you will have.
  • Audience: the more attention you give to your audience, the more interest in your products you will have when you get one.


•Product: the better your product is, the better your audience’s reaction will be after buying it. •Reinvest in your content: once you have made money after the sale of your product, it is time to reinvest part in better content (better audio, light, video, shots, etc.).


This will give you more subscribers and start over. This is the cycle of tremendous success that Borja Montón talks about in his course masterenvideomarketing.com (so that those interested can continue to learn more about this art).